Strategy & Vision

Vision statement

With continued support of our current clientele and the acquisition of new clientele, we at Dolphin Coast Security want to expand our services to the entire KZN Coastline and to later venture into the entire KZN inlands. It is our vision to encompass our services to other Provinces in South Africa.

Mission statement

Dolphin Coast Security is currently a guarding services provider and aim to provide other valuable and essential security services such as integrated alarm and monitoring services for homes, small business and corporates.


1. Emphasise service and support

2. Build a relationship based business

3. Ensure clients personal and property safety


Business goals & objectives

Our main goal is to ensure a complaint free relationship with all clients by providing a professional service with reliable and trustworthy guards. We aspire to stand out amongst our competitors and be able to compete in the current security market with a clear record of service excellence.

Growth strategy

The company currently employs more than 100 (one hundred) personnel and wish to increase that number exponentially by the acquisition of more guarding sites and clientele. A continued history of a professional service delivery to the clients will assist by way of word of mouth advertising for the company. Advertising on a web based page as well as the creation of the DOLPHIN COAST SECURITY web page will greatly enhance the possibilities of growth for the company.