Benefits of a Security Guard

Benefits of a Security Guard

Undeniable Benefits to Having a Security Guard at Your Business

Business owners face the same threats as everyone else in this day and age. With a devastating increase in crime within the country and whispers of terrorist attacks a worldwide threat, whether you’re a big or small establishment, safety is of the utmost importance. Customers are more aware than ever of their surroundings and are seeking spaces where they can rest assured that their safety needs are being met. As a business owner, can you put a price tag on the safety of your employees and clients? Keeping your business safe with a trained, armed or unarmed security guard is a sure way to beat crime and promote success. Here’s four simple reasons why you should employ a security guard at your business.

Say Goodbye to Unnecessary Worry

Building an environment where employees and customers can both feel safe is essential. Customers are drawn to businesses that have visible security and employees have been proven to be more productive if they’re not busy worrying about their car being stolen from the carpark. Having a security guard instantly increases mental contentment (especially in high-risk areas) of personal safety and ensures that businesses with costly products and equipment have added protection for their goods.

Promotes Good Customer Relations

Security guards not only provide a sense of well-being to clients, but can also serve as a strong liaison between companies and customers. A security guard can be trained to handle petty or simple questions, diminish unnecessary confusion and serve as a company ambassador who assists and protects those seeking your services or products. Creating that atmosphere of trust will ensure your clients keep coming back, or choose you over the plethora of competing businesses out there.

Onsite Security Means Quick Response

How many times have you heard people complain about delayed responses (or complete lack thereof) from the police? An onsite security guard not only ensures that problems will be dealt with immediately, but also prevents pointless interactions with your local police station. You can’t call them every time you or an employee sees someone suspicious. By having a security guard patrolling the premises however, you can rest assured that threats are picked up and minimized. Businesses with employed security guards are less likely to be targeted than those without. A security guard can handle incidents promptly and efficiently, and on a minute by minute basis.

Not Only Saves You Time but Money

Not only will having a security guard watching over your business be efficient and save you time, it will bring in more money. You are more likely to go somewhere where you and your family feel watched over and cared for. Having a security guard shows the public that you take pride in your business, and care for the safety of your establishment and the safety of those who seek your services. If you think a security guard for your business means added expenditure, think of the added income that it will surely attract. You will also be aiding in the decrease of theft that could ultimately lead to major losses.

Let’s face it, you can’t deny the peace of mind having a security guard brings. Peace of mind is a commodity we’re all after these days. So set yourself apart from other businesses who are still weighing the advantages and disadvantages of a security guard and hire one as soon as possible. You don’t need Batman or Superman to save the day, sometimes you just need one vigilant security guard to make that difference. So, how important is the welfare of your business?

Article written by Kamalini Govender