Crime Annual Update

CRIME ANNUAL UPDATE: Its now a year since the inception and deployment of street guards in La Mercy. The following is an update of reported crime in the area over the annual period. Armed Robbery:2 Robbery: 1 Housebreaking:2 Art Housebreaking:2 Theft of motor vehicle: 4 (south beach road). Common Theft 1. Only two of the above incidents were as a result of vehicular crime: Of the incidents listed above 2 x arrests made for theft. One arrest for possession of unlic firearm. Suspect was linked to other crimes in Dbn North and Greenwood Park. 1 x arrest for robbery (south beach road). Prior to the inception of guards in May 2016 the stats were phenomenal with approximately one incident every two days. These included House robberies and Housebreakings No arrests were made in the previous year. All four theft of motor vehicles occurred on South Beach road and 3 were recovered. Upper La Mercy has had only one incident involving the use of a motor vehicle in Protea road and this was thwarted by neighbourhood member Anban and myself where a shootout ensued. The other vehicular crime was on South Beach road. Previously almost every incident that occurred involved the use of motor vehicles. Prior to the deployment of street guards and the initialization of whatsapp groups, La Mercy was under siege by criminals. It is a joint effort by a very few neighbourhood personnel and members of DCS that we have managed to successfully reduce crime to the current status. With the quick onset of winter, residents are urged to exercise vigilance and caution. Report suspicious m/v and persons immediately. We are faced with new challenges as the influx of labour increases at the school project and other construction sites in and around La Mercy. Be Safe! Be Alert! Report crime immediately. Let’s not drop our guard. Send a strong message to criminals. We love our paradise and will go to great lengths to protect it.!!?

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