Durban Security Company Fights Crime with Whatsapp


Dolphin Coast Security Services is committed to fighting crime in KZN like no other Durban security company. Following the fast-paced, technological whirl that is social media, the Durban security company is now making use of the popular cross-platform mobile messaging app, WhatsApp, to aid in their stand against crime. For those of you who may find the high-tech world rather confusing and difficult to keep up with, let’s have a look at what exactly WhatsApp is, and how it can be beneficial in our communities.


What is WhatsApp?

In a nutshell, WhatsApp Messenger is a messaging service that can be used free of charge both locally and internationally. There are over a billion users utilizing its quick and easy method of sending unlimited messages, voice notes, pictures and videos. All you need to do is download the app and have a compatible phone, and voilà…you’re on your way to more efficient communication with friends, family and even your boss. One of the special features of WhatsApp is that you can create groups. Creating a group allows you, and anyone who is added to that group, to send messages that are only visible to those in the group. Groups used to have a limit of 100 people but have recently been extended to 256 people due to the growing popularity of this app feature. Is this safe? Absolutely. WhatsApp recently added end-to-end encryption (E2EE) which is a 100% secure system of communication that prohibits hackers, the government and even the WhatsApp company from gaining access to what is shared. With increased security risks via mobile devices, that is somewhat of a comfort to any individual.


How Does WhatsApp Benefit a Community?

WhatsApp is perfect for communities because of its group chat feature. Of course, we’re talking about smaller communities (for example the La Mercy area based on the North Coast of KZN). La Mercy is just one of the areas in conjunction with Dolphin Coast Security that is reaping the benefits of the WhatsApp group chat. Since the app is so affordable and easy to use (across age groups) members, which have flocked together in the community to rid the area of increasing crime, can now enjoy real-time communication concerning suspected crimes, robberies and even up-to-date news concerning accidents in nearby or surrounding areas. The Durban security company set up the localised group chat a few months ago and have already seen not only an increase in community participation to ward off danger, but also a significant rise in catching criminals and keeping the area safer than it’s been for many years. Of course, this increase in safety owes much to the vigilant, hardworking security guards that have been placed on duty throughout the community, restricting unwanted lurkers and potential criminals. But the passion with which community members together with Dolphin Coast Security Services are keeping the group chat alive and relevant cannot be dismissed.


Benefits of Group Chats for Crime Watch

The inexpensive nature of sending messages across a group chat means that mass communication is possible. Since you aren’t wasting time and money on outdated methods like phone calls or SMS (mobile text) you can send as many messages as needed, keeping the information as up-to-date as possible. This is especially useful in emergency situations like a break-in or car chase (real events that have happened to La Mercy residents) where the community is constantly alerting one another on the whereabouts of fleeing criminals. Imagine the chaos that would ensue if members of a community had to call each other during such a crisis? Instead, the community easily and effortlessly uses group chat messaging, maximising productivity.

There is no hierarchical system when using WhatsApp group chats (at least with this particular Durban security company). Everyone is involved and can have their say. This is useful for people that may be too busy to attend crime watch meetings yet would like to voice their opinions and be kept in the loop. Issues can be discussed freely and immediately ensuring faster solutions to any problems that may creep up. Community members are regularly aware of changes, issues and events. Organising events also becomes easier as people are able to come to an amicable consensus about convenient times.


Group Chat No-Nos

When using group chats on WhatsApp, it’s important to remember certain common sense protocols. No one wants to see what you’re eating for breakfast or have to read about anything that doesn’t pertain to the protection of one’s community. Posting notifications about nearby incidents however, can be beneficial and helpful to other members. It’s important to practice common sense when messaging anything on a group chat. It is also vitally important to remain polite and civil when dealing with other members. Most Durban security companies are getting into the habit of using WhatsApp as a powerful tool towards crime prevention, and all of them will vouch for its usefulness. They will also vouch for the problems that can occur if people refuse to maintain decorum. The good thing about group chats is that you can turn off your notifications or put the chat on mute if you are busy, and always come back to it at a later stage to catch up on any missed information. If people are keeping this information relevant then it won’t become a tedious task to go through your alerts.


As far as Durban based security companies go, Dolphin Coast Security Services is building an intimate and trusting relationship with members using the group chat facility for crime watch. Increased involvement from community members leads to an increase in community spirit and enhanced protection. Keeping an eye out for danger or threats has now become a duty and responsibility to every community member. With so many pairs of eyes being attentive, criminals are finding it almost impossible to take advantage of smaller communities. And haven’t we suffered at the hands of criminals for far too long? Residents can rest assured there will be a familiar sound notification on their WhatsApp if anything suspicious is occurring in their neighbourhood, or they can send a quick alert if they feel anything is out of the ordinary. Having a Durban security company that is invested in your community’s wellbeing and having a well-organized group chat should never be underestimated. Your personal safety is now only a touch of your finger away. I’m pretty sure that’s more than worth it.


Article written by Kamalini Govender (Freelance Copywriter)

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