Foreigners Approaching your house asking for Debt owed.

debt owed

Please be on the lookout for possible suspects/chancers Indian/Pakistani men.
Yesterday 2 foreigners approached my house my mother in law allowed them
Into the yard because they mentioned my husbands name. They claimed that he owes them 140k. They were asked a few questions it was obvious that they were taking a chance. My mother in law realized they are suspicious. She threatened to call the police and chased them away. They left immediately apologizing. My husband question the guard this morning and asked to look at the vehicle visit sheet. They last digit of the vehicle registration that they gave her was incorrect which she had rectified. So residents please be on the alert and inform everyone that’s at home in the day. – Fiona La-Mercy

Suspect Name: Ashar , Vehicle Reg: ND542873 Silver Vehicle. Make Model Unknown

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